Teaching Artist To-Go

Teaching Artists To Go is a program in partnership with Studio 3C.

Our Teaching Artists To Go program is designed to enrich the teaching of any specialists, as all modules are aligned with both PA and National Arts Standards. Minimal materials are required and all modules can be used in person and virtual classrooms.

Please note: Our 2020-2021 modules are recommended for elementary ages; however,the lessons can be adjusted to meet the learning needs of most ages.

Each module focuses on a specific medium, artistic technique or theme, and includes:

  • Three short demostration videos

  • Five lesson plans in PDF format

  • One assessment tool in PDF format

  • One family extension activity in PDF format

studio 3c

2020-2021 Module Descriptions

Playing around with the Artistic Process

Starting a work of art can be challenenging, but when you break down the process, it becomes much more fun. You will work through a single visual arts project, from idea generation to framing, considering how easc step informs the next. Activities include: brainstorming ideas, sketching, organizing visual images, adding color, and framing final work of art.

Saihou Njie

Sculptures in Motion

Experiment with shape and form as you work witha variety of wire and metal materials to scult human forms. Then activate those forms into movement, and capture all the action with motion animation. Activities including: human sculptures from pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, and wrapped wire, stop motion animation storyboading, and stop motion animation filming.


Joanna Abel

Artistic Melodies

Explore your senses as you use music to inspire a variety of 2-D and 3-D visual arts project, and experiment with how rhythum, composition and texture inform the creation of works of art. Activities include: contour drawing , word art, 3-D paper sculpture, and multi-media collage.


Dennis Garner

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